A man lost his cow. He brought the announcement at the radio and we read it only three times then we got a call from someone who said he had found the cow.
— John Bosco Kenneth Okot
[It] provides an interconnection between radio and phone, two of the most pervasive technologies used by poor and marginalised people.
— Dr. Sharad Sapra, Director UNICEF Innovation Center
Oluge senior secondary school came and placed an advert on the radio. It is a school that used to get only about three students from Patongo but this time they got 22 students. They assembled under this very mango tree where we are sitting and it’s where the school hired a truck from Lira to come and pick them. I think this is a benefit for the school, the community and the radio.
— Jane Adong
Eureka. Eureka. Eureka.
— Dignited


This recording is a montage of various types of programming RootIO stations are playing every day in Uganda.  You can hear news, agricultural information, singing, kids, and one lady with a serious case of the giggles.  The Obama song, since you'll probably want to know, is by a Gulu artist named Engineer Jane who also does recordings for RootIO.

A lovely song by Jane Adong and the members of the Gwoke Keni HIV/AIDS support organization in Patongo, Uganda. This group is running a very successful station, with over five original programs per week.  They have opened a bank account to hold the profits they have made selling ads and announcements.